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Join the club promoting the interests of hunters!

New Zealand Deerstalkers Association began in Invercargill in 1937.

Today, Southland Branch is one of over 50 Branches and more than 6000 members.

NZDA Objectives are :

  • to promote recreational hunting and game management,
  • to promote training and safe use of firearms in our backcountry,
  • to protect the rights and privileges of access and firearms ownership,
  • and to promote the conservation and sound management of our introduced wild animals as well as our native flora and fauna.

What Southland Branch offers:-

  • Regular monthly meetings with guest speakers. Monthly newsletter.
  • Hunts Instruction courses in safe firearm handling, bushcraft, rivercrossing, first aid and hunting techniques.
  • A range of organised trips for different fitness levels.
  • $5 Million Public liability insurance including $1m rural fire protection.
  • Conditional access to South Wood Export exotic forests.
  • Access to Branch huts at Hauroko, Mavora and our Lodge at TeAnau.
  • Representation to local and national government and Department of Conservation on hunting matters.
  • Discount on Dept of Conservation Annual Hut Pass.
  • Quarterly NZ Hunting & Wildlife magazine. $27.80 retail
  • Our own Clubrooms at Longbush.
  • Annual trophy and photographic competitions
  • Olympic standard indoor air rifle range with moving target.


Why Join Southland Branch NZ Deerstalkers Association?

  • Meet new people with similar interests
  • Learn about hunting areas and access
  • Club trips are often cheaper than doing it alone.
  • Club trips are certainly safer than doing it alone.

MEETINGS ARE AT CLUBROOMS, LONGBUSH HALL, McKerchar Road every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8pm


Our hall is  on McKerchar Road at Longbush between Woodlands & Kennington (East of Invercargill on S.H 1)

We have our meetings at 8p.m. every 3rd Wednesday of the month.( No meetings December & January)

Feel free to come along.


Map available here




News & Newsletters

2019 Topical

Photo: Thomas Duggan.  1st 2019 photo competition. 'Topical/stalking interest.' 


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Useful Links:

South Coast Productions
Heritage and Wilderness Adventure Films

"We are worried that a lot of our old film is disappearing as are the tales, and tellers of them from yester year, so we are keen to record some of these tales with one story leading to another. We try to capture some of the great stories of our time, the heritage which has helped to create the iconic kiwi." - Producer Dave McCarlie.


Southland Branch NZDA support South Coast Productions in their quest to capture New Zealand outdoors on film. Visit their website:

The website is owned by the NZ Deer Cullers Inc, a non-profit society with membership being ex and current government deer cullers.
Deer culling in New Zealand has an iconic and special place in the history of New Zealands' backcountry. A legacy of the Deer Culling era is the hundreds of huts, river crossings, and also the thousands of kilometres of cut tracks available today for public use and enjoyment. The huts, which were once our homes, are unique to New Zealand and enhance the backcountry experience for thousands of trampers, hunters and climbers each year.
There have been many books written by and about Deer Cullers, and of late much interest shown in our now long gone way of life. Through this website we hope to share experiences from that time.

Department of Conservation Hunting Information  SOUTHLAND


New Zealand Deerstalkers Association National Office.


Animal Skin Tanning Services Ltd.


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 2019 Other wildlife


Photo:Doug Gordon  Ist in 2019 competition - Other Wildlife





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