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Southland Branch was the founding branch of the NZ Deeerstalkers Association which began in 1937.  We have over  500 members and meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8pm (excluding December & January. )


You can also follow us on    https://www.facebook.com/southlandnzda/   




 (Photo  Luke Payne   winner 2024  photo competition - Game Animals)


Some classic old hunting movies involving Branch members on Youtube:- 

 1. A combined old film of Branch hunts. One 1962 of Greenstone through to Mavora. The other is 1963 hunting around Bushy Creek and Mt Mavora. Participants Wally, Lex, Tom, Murray, Tony, Lynn, Merv, Des and John 

2. Hunting in the Arawata 1964 

3. Hunting in the Joe River 1965 

4. Branch Tahr hunting trip in early 1960's





If you have been directed to this page to complete a report on your hunting trip to Stewart Island please follow this link:-  HUNTER REPORTS






Updated May 2024


 Since 2006 members have been undertaking a rat control program at Mason Bay Stewart Island.  Between September - Decemeber six  parties involving 22 hunters spend  significant time checking 309 traps which are set over 14 km of lines.  Each trap is cleared and reset at least twice by each party.    During 2023 season 120 rats were destroyed and five cats were killed.  In 2019 we also killed 120 rats and that is the lowest total for a season.       For the report on the 2023 year.   


Big thank you to Hunting & Fishing Invercargill store have undertaken to provide  us generous sponsorship which will mean that this program will continue into the future.  Big thanks to Gerald and Mike. 

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Southland Branch members who gained First Place in National Competitions and Awards.


2023 Trevor McMaster

Orbell Trophy.  (Best of all Species)

Mel Larritt Trophy (Red Deer)

Douglas score 370 1/8


2023  Paige Hodge

Best Game trophy by member under 19 years.

Best Game trophy by a woman member.

Fallow buck Douglas Score 228 1/8


2022  Erin Garrick

Best game trophy by woman member.

Chamois Douglas score 28 1/2


2022  Thomas Hopkirk

Putaruru Trophy

Undrawn pig tusks Score 17 3/4


2018  John DeLury

Manawatu Trophy

Whitetail buck Douglas Score 103 3/4


2010 Roy Sloan

Harvey Morrow Award, NZDA Research



2009 John DeLury

Harvey Morrow Award, NZDA Research



009  Roy Sloan

Monarch of the Glen

Member who goes above and beyond


2006  Euan Butters

Athol Hood Trophy Game Animals Photograph

Wildlife Cover photo

"Looking Back


2005 Euan Butters

Best Photograph - Birds

"Wily Weka"



2004  Roy Sloan

Severinson Trophy

Wapiti, Douglas score 360 1/8


1999  Jolie McLeod

Best trophy by a woman member

Chamois Douglas score 24 3/4


1996 Southland Branch

Rotorua Branch Trophy

Best Newsletter.


1993 Marcus Pinney

Best antlered trophy by a Junior

Fallow buck Douglas score 206 5/8


1989  Doug Andrews

Best game trophy by JUnior member under 19 years

Chamois Douglas score 28


1985  John DeLury

Literary Competition Section 'A" 

"North Lords 1983"


1983   John DeLury

Manawatu trophy

Whitetail Douglas score 122 3/4


1982 Anselm Haanen

McConachie Sheild

Chamois Douglas score 27


1980 Andrew Overton

Mel Larritt Trophy

Red stag Douglas score 298 5/8


1967 E Spriggs

Mel Larritt Trophy

Red Deer Douglas score 324 3/4


1962 Alan Harrison

Severinson Trophy

Wapiti  Douglas score 353 3/4


1951  Jack McKenzie

Orbell Trophy (Best of all species)

Red/Wapiti hybrid Douglas score 430

















New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Southland Branch

Join the club promoting the interests of hunters!

New Zealand Deerstalkers Association began in Invercargill in 1937.

Today, Southland Branch is one of over 50 Branches and more than 10,000 members.

NZDA Objectives are :

  • to promote recreational hunting and game management,
  • to promote training and safe use of firearms in our backcountry,
  • to protect the rights and privileges of access and firearms ownership,
  • and to promote the conservation and sound management of our introduced wild animals as well as our native flora and fauna.

What Southland Branch offers:-

  • Regular monthly meetings with guest speakers. Monthly newsletter.
  • Hunts Instruction courses in safe firearm handling, bushcraft, rivercrossing, first aid and hunting techniques.
  • A range of organised trips for different fitness levels.
  • $5 Million Public liability insurance including $1m rural fire protection.
  • Conditional access to South Wood Export exotic forests.
  • Access to Branch huts at Hauroko, Mavora and our Lodge at TeAnau.
  • Representation to local and national government and Department of Conservation on hunting matters.
  • Discount on Dept of Conservation Annual Hut Pass.
  • Quarterly NZ Hunting & Wildlife magazine. 
  • Our own Clubrooms at Longbush.
  • Annual trophy and photographic competitions    Competition Rules
  • Olympic standard indoor air rifle range with moving target.


Why Join Southland Branch NZ Deerstalkers Association?

  • Meet new people with similar interests
  • Learn about hunting areas and access
  • Club trips are often cheaper than doing it alone.
  • Club trips are certainly safer than doing it alone.

MEETINGS ARE AT CLUBROOMS, LONGBUSH HALL, McKerchar Road every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8pm


Our hall is  on McKerchar Road at Longbush between Woodlands & Kennington (East of Invercargill on S.H 1)

We have our meetings at 8p.m. every 3rd Wednesday of the month.( No meetings December & January)

Feel free to come along.


Map available here



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